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Leather Working Group



Leather Working Group Environmental Audit for leather manufacturers, traders, commissioning manufacturers and leather traders are main services provided by YKC. The audits will be carried out by LWG Approved Auditor Yigit N. Kaman according to latest LWG auditing protocols and procedures. The scope of your audit will be determined after communication with the auditor and the Leather Working Group Audit will be booked for the agreed dates.

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Environmental Audit Consulting

Environmental audits require extensive preparation and can be challenging for the manufacturers who are in need of guidance for environmental stewardship programs. YKC can give you assistance or referral to your company for your audit consultancy needs. If your audit is already scheduled and you need guidance concerning environmental audits you can contact us for further information.

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Environmental & Technical Training

YKC can provide environmental training services for Audit Management & Preparation, problem solving in Effluent Treatment Plants, Waste Management, Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and technical guidance about Health and Safety issues in leather industry. Training can be provided by scheduled online training sessions or on-site training organization with case scenario applications. Get in touch with us to get assistance for your training needs.

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Services for Leather, Textile & Chemical Endustries

YKC has solution partners for your extensive testing needs for leather, textile and many other material.We can assist you on chemical management, training and problem solving in leather manufacturing the services provided by YKC and our partners are presented below.
Our solution partners provide a range of quality and chemical testing services for leather, textiles, hardware, jewellery and synthetics.
Fault Diagnosis
Solution for your leather quality issues and product problems are provided by highly skilled experts using the state of the art equipment by our solution partners
Chem-MAP® Assessment
Chem-MAP is an MRSL assessment program for material supply chains, designed for ZDHC compliance of chemical suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.
Our solution partners offer leather training courses, workshops and webinars covering leather manufacture, chemical compliance and sustainability.
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